IoT and ISR

The Internet of Things on the battlefield isn’t a new concept, but there are evolving ways of applying sensor connectivity to the military theater. So far IoT in warfare is largely centered on areas such as unmanned vehicles, troop health and energy management, but now military officials and leaders in industry are looking at ways to apply IoT in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.


Bringing together IoT and ISR presents opportunities for the armed forces around the world, providing and augmenting mission-critical capabilities. One key area IoT promises impact is in data, where the inherent connectedness and access IoT offers can improve mission robustness and the availability of crucial information and capabilities.

This white paper will touch on three primary areas that are burgeoning for IoT in the battlefield, where new applications for IoT in data promise enhanced operations in ISR.

  • Security.
  • Data authority/data vision.
  • Combined -INT.

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